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Upcoming Live CE Webinars (view all)

enter classroom I Can’t Take All This Science!
Presenter: Dr. Brian Novy    CE Credits: 1 CEU
Webinar Begins:  2/27/24  7:00 PM ET,  4:00 PM PT

Remineralization used to be as simple as "put some fluoride on it!" But is the array of products available today claiming “remineralization” pushing the limits of oral healthcare? In a clinical world of dry mouth and acidic beverages, perhaps we’re putting too much faith in an antiquated understanding of what happens on the surface of a tooth. The science of reversing demineralization can be summarized easily, but clinicians would be wise to realize it takes more than an electronegative anion to rebuild the strongest biological substance on earth. How far can we push chemistry before accepting biochemistry makes more sense, and what could go horribly wrong?    (enter class)

enter classroom Unlocking the Power of Same Day Indirect Restorative Dentistry
Presenter: Dr. Jennifer Bell    CE Credits: 1 CEU
Webinar Begins:  3/14/24  7:00 PM ET,  4:00 PM PT

Providing same day dentistry is rapidly becoming the standard of care and, to be honest, it helps achieve a high level of predictability and profitability in private practice. Understanding the diversity in scanners and scanning techniques, material choices and digital workflow can still be quite challenging even for the more experienced digital dentist. More importantly, clinicians need to understand how to unlock the power of same day dentistry to increase their profitability while decreasing their chair time requirements and unpredictability of deliverables ultimately improving their return on investment. This CE webinar will share practical information of how same day dentistry plays an integral part in a practice and its best uses of application. Discussion will be considered for the restorative workflow and material selections.    (enter class)

Featured CE Class (view all)

enter classroom Restoring Teeth with Injectable Composite
Presenter: Dr. Robert Marus    CE Credits: 1 CEU

As a result of the latest high strength injectable composite technology, dentists can now quickly, easily and predictably treat Class V (abfraction), Class I, Class II and Class VI lesions with beauty, strength and function beyond patient expectations. Improvements in composite polymerization shrinkage, reduction of internal stress and occlusal wear, have made injectable composite material a great aesthetic option. This CE webinar will demonstrate, in a step-by-step fashion, how to use high strength injectable composite quickly and easily, so that an aesthetic result with a high success rate and predictable outcome can be achieved.    (enter class)

Latest Podcast Episodes (view all)

Episode: Treating Decay Without a Dental Drill: You'd Be Surprised What You Can Achieve
From Series: GC America Dental Podcast Series
Series: GC America CE Credits: 0.25
Guest: Crystal Spring, BS, RDH, LAP Release Date: 2/12/24

Featured Product Tutorial (view all)

enter classroom everX Flow™ Core Build-up

New from GC America: everX Flow™ is a highly fracture resistant composite substructure which may be used as a dentin replacement material in bulk filling and core build-up applications, as well as in cases where endodontic stability must be restored.    (enter class)

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