Live Webinar Schedule
Live Webinar Schedule
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CE Can Your Preparation Stop a Coccus?
Presenter: Dr. Brian Novy
During this CE webinar, we will review the following topics:
• Compare the longevity and caries inhibition of various restorative materials
• Slow or stop recurrent decay with simple technique modifications
• Produce a more favorable ecologic balance around the margins of restorations
• Modify patient behavior and improve treatment prognosis
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Wed 10/5/22  7:00 PM ET 
  6:00 PM CT 
  4:00 PM PT 
Wed 10/5/22   11:00 PM UTC
CE Creating Imperceptible Restorations in the Aesthetic Zone using a Simplified Unishade Composite
Presenter: Dr. Robert Marus
Upon completion of this CE webinar, you will be able to:
• incorporate a Simplified Unishade Composite System into your practice.
• understand how adaptive shade matching technology allows for the blending of composite into tooth structure
• understand how to place dentin and enamels layers of composite with a Simplified Unishade Composite System.
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Mon 11/21/22  7:00 PM ET 
  6:00 PM CT 
  4:00 PM PT 
Tue 11/22/22   0:00 AM UTC
CE It’s a Sticky Situation: Choosing the Right Cement Every Time!
Presenter: Dr. Ron Kaminer
With the plethora of dental materials out there, choosing the right cement in the right situation has become more and more critical. In this CE webinar, join us as we navigate the path of proper cementation and learn how to treat the substrates and then choose the proper cement in every clinical situation.
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Mon 12/5/22  7:00 PM ET 
  6:00 PM CT 
  4:00 PM PT 
Tue 12/6/22   0:00 AM UTC
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